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Tulsa Brown Recluse Spiders and Wolf Spiders

The Brown Recluse Spider is one of Oklahoma's most common and venomous pests. This very dangerous spider goes by many names: Fiddle-back, Violin Spider, and Recluse Spider. Although the brown recluse spider bite often resembles a pimple or mosquito bite iin the beginning, it quickly turns nasty from the corrosive spider venom. The ensuing symptoms of fiddleback spider bites are nausea, fever, and extreme sickness symtoms. Note the Fiddle or Violin shape on the headof the spider; The shape is not so much on the back of the spider, even though it is called a Fiddle Back Spider. A-1 American Pest is widely regarded as Tulsa's Brown Recluse Spider Specialists. Our Pest Services have rescued many Tulsa area homeowners from the threat of scary spiders, when other pest control companies were not able to job. A-1 uses a combination of sprays, baits, dusts, and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for the best possible spider extermination. Check our seasonal coupons and discounts often for best pricing.


Black Widow Spiders and Other Tulsa Spiders

The Black Widow Spider is a VERY poisonous pest found throughout much of the United States; and especially in the warmer areas. Black Widows are not as common in Tulsa as are the Brown Recluse Spider, but we see them at times. Although the male black widow rarely bites humans, the venom of the female is highly toxic and quickly causes serious illness. It is a fact that the female black widow, at times, kills and eats the male after reproduction. There are many spiders that are often confused with the black widows, including the zipper spider (AKA: zig zag or banana spider). Other spiders, like the jumping spider, the cupboard spider, and the cobweb weaver family have been confused with the black widow. To the naked eye, the female black widow usually has an orange-red hourglass marking on her abdomen, and her body is shiny, like polished black leather. If the spider in question is furry or fuzzy, it likely is not a black widow spider. Check out our Spider Exterminator Services... or give us a quick call at our office: (918) 355-5752

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