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Controlling Termites in Tulsa OK area can be a challenging, expensive, ordeal. "Every Tulsa home either has, or will have termites..." is an all too familiar expression. In the Tulsa Metro, including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Sand Springs, and all of the bedroom communities, the need for termite exterminating about every 7-10 years is simply an assumption. Typically, on a sunny spring day, after the winter cold and the slushy snow have headed North, flying ants (termites) will swarm in, and around, Oklahoma homes. These Termite Swarmers have been waiting in the termite nest (underground colony) for the perfect day to hatch, leave the nest, and reproduce a new termite colony. The termite swarmer greatly resembles the carpenter ant swarmer, but there are some distinctions to help you decide which you have. The termite reproductive has much longer wings, usually more than twice it's body length; the ant's wings are just a little longer than their body. The body of the termite has no distinctive waist and is more of a straight body. The carpenter ant has a pinched waist. The flying ant looks identical to a typical ant, including a bulbous body, with wings added. The antenna of the ant have a distinctive "elbow" in them whereas the termite antenna are more of a gentle curve. We often offer seasonal Termite Coupons.

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Termidor®, Taurus®, & Premise® are a new breed of termite application products that use a transfer effect or domino effect as the primary delivery method for infecting the termite colony. These products types have only been EPA approved within the last 30 years (approx). A Termidor® treatment or Premise® application is made by trenching and drilling areas around the termite infested home or building. The liquid residual material is applied per label strength to the perimeter soil. The termite trench is back-filled and drill holes are plugged. These termite products are not repellant barriers, as were the older, conventional termite products. Instead, the newer termite applications infect the worker and scouting termites, which, in turn, transfer the products down to the termite nest. The termites themselves pass the toxins among themselves, reducing, and hopefully, eleminating the termite colony. Both termite baiting systems, and conventional repellant termite barrier treatments can be effective, but the transfer and domino type applications have proven to be more reliable and less labor intensive. Therefore, they seem to work better and cost less. When do we ever find a product or service like that? Our termite professionals are licensed, trained, and very experienced, so your home will get the best available protection. We can tyically give you an over the phone termite quote with just a quick call to our office: (918) 355-5752

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